qMRI - Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging   2015

‘The pre-eminent role of imaging now requires a new level of metric - quantitative measurements’
Robert I Grossman MD, Chair of Radiology, New York University


Quantitative MRI of the brain: measuring changes caused by disease.

edited by Paul Tofts    hardback:  ISBN: 0470847212      paperback: ISBN 0470014296     published by John Wiley  2003

 Winner of 2004 British Medical Association radiology book prize click here        contents

ALL REVIEWS  - none left out!  NMR in Biomedicine 2004  (pdf file)          Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (UK) 2004      Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry 2004    
 Rad Magazine June 2004     
   British Medical Association 2004        British Journal of Radiology 2005    BJR pdf   

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2005 reprint
Tofts and Du Boulay Neuroradiology 1990. Towards quantitative measurements of relaxation times and other parameters in the brain
Multicentre measurements for brain and oncology 2009 (in press)
MT histograms: body coil eliminates between-centre difference MAGMA 2006
Fast accurate B1 mapping  Magn Reson Med  2008
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Standards in Quantitative MR list serve:   http://ismrm.org/sqmr/sqmrrules.htm
ISMRM Stockholm 2010:  What do we mean by quantitative MRI?  (education weekend)   slides abstract
ISMRM Stockholm 2010: Accurate and precise measurement of renal filtration and vascular parameters using DCE-MRI.   slides  abstract
Overview of qMR
this is based on the book chapters, and will be expanded to include summaries and links to more recent information:
1. Concepts: Measurement and MR
2. The Measurement Process: MR Data Collection and Image Analysis
3. QA: Quality Assurance, Accuracy, Precision and Phantoms
4. PD: Proton Density of Tissue Water
5. T1: the Longitudinal Relaxation Time
6. T2: the Transverse Relaxation Time
7. D: the Diffusion of Water
8. MT: Magnetisation Transfer
9. Spectroscopy: 1H Metabolite Concentrations
10. T1-w DCE-MRI: T1-weighted Dynamic Contrast-enhanced MRI
   Teorell T. Kinetics of distribution of substances administered to the body.
        I. The extravascular modes of administration.
Arch Int Pharmacodyn et Ther 1937;57:205-225.  download
       2. The intravascular modes of administration. Arch Int Pharmacodyn et Ther 1937;57:226-240. download
11. T2- and T2*-w DCE-MRI: Blood Perfusion and Volume Estimation using Bolus Tracking
12. Functional MRI
13. ASL: Blood Perfusion Measurements using Arterial Spin Labelling
14. Biology: The Significance of MR Parameters in Multiple Sclerosis
15. Spatial Registration of Images
16. Volume and Atrophy
17. Shape and Texture
18. Histograms: Measuring Subtle Diffuse Disease          more on histograms


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